HF01G-916 Montana West Western Concho Concealed Gun Carry Handbag Camo Collection




Patent Protected! US Patent Pending-Patent 1,558,2043 Application

Number 1,3867998. Title of Invention: Concealed handgun holster 35 U.S.C & 292

This PU leather handbag has:
  • Camo with floral concho
  • Rhinestones and silver embellishments on the flap that snap close
  • Single compartment divided by amedium zippered pocket
  • A zippered pocket on the back to conceal the handgun (8.5 x 5)
  • A zipper enclosure for the entire purse
  • A zippered pocket on inside back and2 open pockets on the inside front
  • Open and a zippered pocket on the outside back
  • 4 studs on bottom of the purse
  • Single, flat strap
13.5 x 5 x 12(10.5 strap)

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